Flexible Signs

We highly recommend the Flexible PP Signage be used in conjunction with the Retro-Post® for urban, rural and workzone signage. Being that the Sign and Post are both flexible, they complement each other in their final use and application minimising total damage on low vehicle impacts, and creating motorcycle friendly signage.

Aluminium and other rigid sheet signage materials can also be used when combined with the Retro-Post as they still offer flexibility and reuse of the post following vehicular impacts if the sign is damaged. Where longer, narrower hazard or obstruction marker signs require more than one post, 2 or 3 shorter Retro-Posts will be used. (depending on the curvature of the sign, eg at rounder-bouts). Road Signs can be directly mounted to the Retro-Post using tamper proof fixings, therefore eliminating sign bracket furniture costs.

With respect to motorcycle friendly signage, we highly recommend the sign design has an additional lower angular section which will prevent riders getting caught by the underside of conventional rectangular / square signs. This is another area where PP signs are recommended, due to the sign thickness and flexibility.

Larger alignment or chevron signage can be mounted on a special MCF Posts with a flexible Flexi-Tuff® hinge designed to offer a motor cycle friendly option, especially on coastal or curved roadways.

Flexi-Tuff® Street Sign Hinge

Flexi-Tuff® Street Sign Hinge is a ‘self-returning’ sign system for single direction applications using 150mm & 200mm wide aluminium street signs, when fitted to standard 50NB galvanised steel posts. This unique and robust flexible street sign package allows street signs struck by turning high sided vehicles to return to their previous orientation without any damage to the sign.

In order to discourage and prevent possible vandal action, the new street sign package is designed to deter somebody who wishes to damage the sign. When vandals attempt to swing on the street sign (the most common act), they will discover that the sign is no longer a rigid structure as it will flex through the hinge and appear to have given way. This usually deters them from any further action due to the uncertainty of the outcome.

This is achieved with a special Flexi-Tuff® hinge block utilizing a patented rubber flexible hinge technology and a unique redesign of the sign and post fixing furniture.

  • Supplied as a complete ready to use kit for 150mm and 200mm wide street signs.
  • Aluminium street signs can be supplied ready mounted to the hinge assembly for an easier and further cost effective solution.
  • The aluminium street signs need to be drilled correctly to allow strong robust fitment to the Flexi-Tuff® hinge block and steel sign furniture. A drawing or template with the correct hole locations and size will be supplied with the kit.
  • All steel components are fabricated from heavy gauge galvanised steel plate for strength and durability.
  • Future multi-directional units and alternative mountings will be available, subject to market demand.