Road marking to which glass beads are added increases  retroreflection,  the reflection of light back in the direction of the light source,  and as a result enhances night-time visibility of road markings.

The importance of glass beads for use with roadmarking materials is undisputed industry wide. Traffic Systems West only supply the latest High Performance Glass Beads, which have recently given the industry the opportunity to enter a new era of quality and value.

Recent tests confirm that the High Performance Glass Beads don’t just comply to AS/NZS 2009, but they significantly exceed the test criteria on several key indicators. Many applicators using the High Performance Glass Beads are also reporting significantly enhanced retroreflectivity levels compared to other products.

High Performance Glass Beads Type B, C and D have all recently been certified by APAS to Specification 0042, and are available now along with various Bead Mixes and Anti-Skid blends.

Now Available

  • Type B & B-HR
  • Type D & D-HR
  • Type B SRB with 20% crushed glass or 40% quartz
  • Type D SRB with 20% crushed glass or 40% quartz