Reflective Raised Pavement Marker

Since creating the first raised pavement marker over 45 years ago, Stimsonite® brand markers have led the industry in product innovation, quality, value and service. Time proven and effective, they provide safe delineation to drivers in the most adverse weather conditions. Raised Pavement Markers are available in a range of standard colours and reflector combinations, red, white, yellow and blue – one and two way reflector.

Main Roads WA specified fixing methods include hot melt adhesive and epoxy, with hot melt bitumen available in 5kg blocks or ready to use pads.

Temporary (Chipseal) Pavement Marker

  • 500 per box
  • 100mm wide 50mm tall polyurethane marker body.
  • Self-adhesive takes only seconds to install.
  • Clear flexible protective cover keeps oil off the reflector.
  • Ideal for chip seals, sand seals, slurry seals, and pre-marked centerline locations
  • 3M Engineer Grade Reflective stripe