Standard Speed Humps

This Speed Bump is the most popular and is most suited to car parks, shopping centres, schools and commercial properties. It is 50mm high and 300mm wide and offers a variety of applications. This Speed Hump is particularly popular as it has a gently profile that is readily traversed by bicycles, cars and pedestrians, yet acts as an effective traffic calming device.

The high density moulded rubber is durable, yet conforms to variations in the road surface and is an effective noise dampener when compared to steel or concrete profile humps.

Portable Speed Hump

This uniquely designed Speed Bump is a first for the industry and is designed for Workzones where speeding is a serious problem. The simple roll out design is deployed in seconds and performs instantly. This design already has Queensland Government approval for use in workzones and is a must for safety in the workplace. The WA Police Department have adopted the use of this device for their random breath test sites, ensuring motorists proceed slowly and safely through their sites.

Maxi Hump Platform

The 50mm Speed Hump Platform is more suited to heavy Commercial vehicle areas and is designed to deliver a strong message to offending drivers.

Cable Hose Protector

This unit has high visibility and is constructed from recycled rubber with a simple PVC hinge for easy operation. Ideally suited for vehicle and pedestrian safety.