Flexible bollards are the secret to protecting your buildings & pedestrian crossings while maintaining traffic control in your area

If you’re looking for flexible bollards because you require traffic control or management and protection of structures then Traffic Systems West is the recommended choice. Our products are available to clients throughout Western Australia, including metropolitan and regional areas. We stock bollards Perth councils and local government completely trust for efficiency and longevity.

You may not be certain as to which traffic bollards are best suited for your requirement, which is why you need us. We offer guidance on our comprehensive range of premium products that include:

• Flexible posts (roadside guide posts) for: light-, medium- and heavy impact applications, signage posts, and assemblies for urban and rural areas.
• Work-zone guidance products such as high-impact delineator posts to the new Flexi-Tuff® high-visibility bollards.
• Permanent bollards

The Traffic Systems West range of roadside guide posts covers all the possible bollard variants intended for use in low, medium and high-risk impact zone applications. There are some variations in product design, visual appearance, raw materials selection, installation requirements and price, because all products are designed to achieve different results. It is important to consider all these factors before the final most cost-effective choice is made.

All installation equipment and instructions are available for all flexible posts and traffic bollards, and our highly qualified crew is on hand to assist with all enquiries.

Contact us for further advice and information on our selection of bollards to determine which ones best suit your needs.