Now you can increase road safety in your area by calling the experts to install speed cushions for traffic calming

If you have a problem street in your area or a high-speed, high-traffic zone that requires an effective and safe calming solution, look no further than Traffic Systems West’s rubber speed cushion solutions. A specialised product that is an internationally accepted traffic calming device with a number of unique features that enables us to customise this rubberised device to be sized specifically to the speed reduction requirements of your site.

Our speed cushions are designed to meet all scenarios, which is why they calm traffic without impeding the movement and travel of buses, emergency services and heavy vehicles.

  • 75mm-high variable widths to suit the application.
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber.
  • Modular design.
  • Suited for fast-moving emergency vehicles.
  • Designed to suit your desired target speed limit.
  • Free design and consultation.
  • Cost-effective in comparison to conventional methods.
  • Long-lasting with the flexibility to remove and relocate, if necessary.
  • Reduces accidents with immediate results.
  • Lowers speed and reduces traffic noise.
  • Ideal for bus routes.
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturers’ defects.
  • Complies with government standards.
  • Installation is available at all locations.

Traffic Systems West’s project management capabilities will ensure you are offered the correct product to meet your needs. We will ensure it is installed in a safe and timely manner, and that you are completed satisfied.

For advice on sizing and location of speed cushions to achieve the objectives of your traffic calming scheme, please contact our experienced technical staff.