“Haul Road” Edge Marker Post:- Specifically designed to be used for Roadside Safety in Open Cut Mine haul roads. The “self-recovering”, 2.5m high posts, in White or Yellow & reflective delineation present a highly visible continuous reference point for 24hr safety for Haul Road truck drivers, as they will be able to “clearly see” the dangerous Haul Roadside edge.

The posts can also be used in other defined mine areas which require Warning Signage or Guidance Management for all mine vehicles. The “Haul Road” Edge Marker Post is fitted with a very unique Heavy Duty Rubber Hinge design featuring our exclusive Patented FLEXI-TUFF® Hinge Technology. It is very robust in design for this very specific “self-correcting” capability.

  • From minor “hits”, to the extreme event of being “fully driven over” by Haul Road trucks, the hinge offers a unique ability for the post to “automatically” fully recover itself to its original upright position.
  • This specific product also demands a High Quality plastic post to match our special Hinge capability. For this reason we have selected a High Impact White Polycarbonate (PC) for the 2.5m tubular post. ( Other colours are possible)
  • The 2.5m White post requires good stiffness, high impact resilience, excellent weathering properties & fire Retardant, all attributes already acknowledged for this high-tech Polycarbonate material. Even in the “extreme” event of a complete “truck wheel run-over” the PC tube will be flattened, but will recover to a more oval profile.
  • This in no way deters from the products use, the Reflective Safety sock Delineator will simply follow the tube profile & in reality, the post becomes a wider visible object.
  • A real safety benefit of using the Reflexite” Picket Pocket (post sock) is the ability for the pocket to be removed for washing, as it can become dirty in the mining environment. An important benefit for our post is the ease of this simple operation, the post can be “flexed” to remove & replace the pocket. To match the 2 high quality components ( POST & HINGE), installation is the final important factor.
  • For this purpose, we have designed a distinctive Galvanised Steel Ground Anchor. The “Flexi-Tuff®” hinge is securely fixed to the Ground Anchor with a clamping plate & strong robust fastenings.

We highly recommended the use of the fully buried Galvanised Steel Ground Anchor for speed & ease of this secure installation. (see pic.) Using our specially designed Impact Driver Tool, with either Air or Electric Impact Hammers, the operation is very fast even into hard ground Important to note:-

Only the Rubber hinge & Plastic post are above the ground surface, when the Post is correctly installed, there is no steel component above ground level. :-Alternative non-standard “in-ground” fixing Options are available, contact office to discuss these options.