Thermoplastics provide a safer and more cost effective way of implementing road markings. It can be made to be highly reflective making them much easier to see at night or in bad weather conditions. Furthermore, the strength and durability of thermoplastic materials ensures a longer lifespan than traditional road marking materials.

The importance of fostering road safety cannot be overstated enough. An integral part of encouraging this is road signs, whether it be painted on the surface itself or displayed on a board. Road users, such as drivers and pedestrians, need to be aware of the rules in order to abide by them.

This is why these signs and markings need to be highly visible and also made of exceptional quality material, like preformed thermoplastic, that is both durable and functional. In addition, signage needs to be visible both during the day and night as well as through adverse weather conditions like rain.

It is also important to acknowledge that our world continues to move at a rapid pace and that we as safety enforcers need to be dynamic and flexible enough to move in tandem. This is why we always try to supply products that make road safety processes more efficient and streamlined, products like our thermoplastic options.

If you’ve been looking for an efficient and straightforward way to apply road marking material, then you’ve found it with Traffic West Systems and our wide range of thermoplastic products, all of which adhere to our country’s strict road safety rules. Please have a look at some of the options that we offer to find the best fit for your business.

Preformed Thermoplastic

Our R30 high-performance preformed thermoplastic is a long-life user-friendly road marking material. It also locally manufactured and adheres to RTA Spec 3357 and AS/NZS 4049.2 regulations. However, it is the convenience that it offers that sets it apart and makes it such a trusted product.

As the name suggests, the product is supplied in preformed sheets that are manufactured to a specified size and shape ready for application. It is also easy to apply as it can be done so with the use of a gas burner with minimal training involved. While commonly available in white and yellow, we can provide other colours upon request.

This is an excellent option for signs such as arrows, speed numerals, symbols and lettering, which makes preformed thermoplastic ideal for pavement markings. Because these are standard options for road signs, this product is also available in convenient rolls of up to 20 metres in length.

Extrusion Thermoplastic

This durable material also adheres to RTA 3357 and AS 4049.2 standards. It is most commonly white or yellow and is extruded under pressure through a slit of a predetermined size, resulting in a line of constant width and thickness.

This, in turn, results in highly reflective thermoplastic line markings that are effective both at night as well as in adverse weather conditions.

Profile Thermoplastic

The Profile Thermoplastic is a long life roadmarking material manufactured to conform to RTA 3357, AS 4049.2 and BS 3262: Part 1: 1989 standards.

Like the other thermoplastic options, it is also mostly applied in yellow or white colours. It is applied in a single process that results in the application of a base line and raised ribs or other profile configurations. Because these can be heard as well as felt, it serves as an audio-tactile warning to drivers straying out of their lane.

The addition of glass beads increases retroreflectivity in wet conditions and at night.

Screed Thermoplastic

This is another durable and long-lasting road marking material manufactured to conform to RTA 3357 and AS 4049.2 standards. It is also most commonly used in white or yellow.

This type of thermoplastic is versatile in that can be applied through a hand screeder or manual pram screeder as well as through a motorised pram screeder.


Priming any area is essential, whether it be painting a wall or painting the road. Thermoplastic application is no different.

Kreteprime is a specifically formulated primer, or tack coat, to improve the bonding of thermoplastic on concrete surfaces. This will ensure a more successful adhesion and improved finish.

Kreteprime is supplied in ready to use 20-litre drums for convenience. In addition, it is incredibly versatile in that it can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on to road surfaces.

When it comes to road safety, only the highest quality products should be used. Including products that can withstand our sometimes-harsh Australian weather and that conform to all of the required regulations. As well as products that are proudly supplied by Traffic West Systems, a leader in road marking and delineation materials.

We have extensive and comprehensive experience of the industry, and we’d like to share this with our valued clients. Our expert team will be able to answer all of your queries about our thermoplastic options as well as any questions you may have about any of our other traffic management products.

If you have any questions about our thermoplastic line marking supplies, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email, give us a call or complete our online enquiry form.

Get in touch today and be a part of making our Australian roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians.