TSW demarcates cycling paths to create a safer road travelling environment

Road safety should be a top priority on everyone’s list. Getting into a car or on your bike to travel somewhere has become part of our everyday routines and is therefore second nature; we don’t always stop to think about the dangers on the road. At Traffic Systems West, your safety on the road is our main concern, which is why we provide superior road marking products to ensure a safe journey. We are the leading supplier of engineered bicycle safety systems, all compliant with Austroads Guidelines and Main Roads WA specifications.

Bike riders are often overlooked on the road, mostly because a car driver’s focus is on so many other aspects. The percentage of bicycle related car accidents have increased over the last decade, and we are determined to change this. The team at TSW are committed to using quality road marking systems and specialised equipment to demarcate lanes and keep riders safe.

Bicycle Kerbs

When line markings and coloured surfacing is not sufficient to ensure safety, subtle bicycle kerbs can be installed to provide an audio and motion alert to the motorist. These mini kerbs are manufactured using specialised materials that won’t damage the bicycles tyres, yet are able to provide a physical separation between cars and bicycles.

Coloured Surface Treatment

Often line demarcation is not enough to ensure drivers or bike riders stay in their lane, especially at night or in rainy conditions. Treating a surface with coloured paint allows a specific lane to standout and become a strong delineation. This treatment can be used for bus lanes or bike lanes and are available in a variety of different colours. Colours are chosen based on the surroundings and existing tarmac colour to guarantee a noticeable contrast.

Flexible Sign Mounts and Bollards

Any rigid object on or adjoining a cycle path presents a hazard to the rider. For this reason Traffic Systems West supplies a range of flexible bollard and sign mounting systems.

These systems include: Collapsible and rubber hinged bollards; Rubber hinged sign posts; Post cushions for rigid posts; Hinged pedestrian grab rails.

These collapsible and self-recovering post systems greatly enhance rider safety.


Linemarking is the most cost effective system of establishing functional bicycle paths and lanes. Traffic Systems West supply a full range of linemarking materials, paint, thermoplastic and cold applied plastic for bike paths.

In addition we offer a complete range of pavement symbols and logos to help define safe cycle paths. Multi coloured signs to Main Roads WA specifications are a recent innovation.

For a specialised, high quality cycle path marking service, contact the experts at Traffic Systems West.