Post Cushion

Motor Cycle Friendly (MCF) Post Impact Force Reduction Cushions : RPS Industries Traffic Division, have proudly developed a unique polymeric cushion technology to improve the safety for all motorcyclist road users. The MCF Safety Cushion when installed will reduce the force of impact for a motorcyclist when in collision with steel roadside furniture such as:-

  • Road Sign Posts
  • Traffic Signal Posts.
  • W-Profile Steel Beam Crash Barrier Systems
  • Wire Rope Crash Barrier Systems (WRCB’s)

RPS Industries saw a need to offer a solution to increase the “safety factor” for the growing number of motorcyclist in accidents with steel roadside furniture & specifically WRCB’s. The wire rope systems work extremely well for motor vehicles, (the main purpose for which they were designed), but road accident statistics are proving that the exposed, lower section of the steel leg supporting the wire ropes is the cause for large numbers of fatalities & serious injuries when “de-mounted” motorcyclists & pillion passengers are in collision with the post in a variety of circumstances. The ‘RPS-MCF Post Impact Reduction Cushions’ have been NATA Laboratory tested for proof that the impact force can be reduced with the fitment of our MCF Cushion to a variety of steel roadside furniture.

The exceptional qualities of our multi-layer polymeric material construction complimented with a polyurethane outer skin, offer these excellent impact force reduction qualities. Additional important features are;-

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Hard wearing
  • Weather hardy
  • Resilience to withstand multiple impacts
  • Non-shattering, thereby avoiding hazardous debris being scattered across the roadways.
  • Versatility of dynamic & aesthetic design to suit “any” roadside hardware that is exposed to vulnerable motorcyclists.

Depending on the final application & requirements of the MCF Cushion for any style of roadside hardware, our unique manufacturing methods allow a variety of cushion heights & profiles to be catered for. Reflective delineators or warning markers can also be fitted to the cushions if required. Final exterior cushion colour is mid grey, other colours are subject to weathering characteristics of PU polymers.

The recommended standard MCF Post Cushion design would normally have an unbroken & even wall thickness. The final cushion height, bore size, profile shape & wall thickness is designed to suit practical requirements. Installation is simply achieved by sliding the cushion “over the post” before fitment of any element above it. Where “Retro-fitment” of a cushion to an existing post is necessary, the MCF Cushion is supplied with a continuous vertical split. This allows the cushion to be opened & encased around the previously installed post before securing. Secure closure of the split cushions is best achieved with a secure locking strap system (such as “Band-It” strapping or PET strapping). The outer face design of the cushion can be modified to suit. The strap method is simple & fast to install.

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