Here is a safety solution that is really cutting down on road accidents and promoting traffic calming in Australia

Traffic Systems West are innovative road safety advocates who make the road in residential, industrial and commercial areas, safer. Our teams work cohesively ensuring clients are provided with a comprehensive range of traffic calming products to service the road construction and maintenance industry.

It is our priority to improve road safety through traffic calming tools such as speed humps that effectively reduce speed, and make drivers more aware of their surroundings and pedestrians. Working with residents, officials and business owners, we determine exactly what our clients are trying to achieve and what is required to meet their needs.

A Perth-based company, we service the national market at highly affordable prices. We work with local government and councils to ensure traffic calming in Australia. We offer:

• Line- and road-marking solutions
• Bollards
• Guide posts
• Speed cushions
• Coloured surfacing

All our products are designed to meet the road safety demands of all communities. Our speed cushions can be customised to meet road angles and widths, ensuring optimum efficiency. Speed cushions are the more affordable option for traffic calming, as opposed to speed humps.

Contact us today for more information on our affordable road guidance solutions. We look forward to assisting you.