Road Paint

When driving or even walking around different parts of Australia, we sometimes may not even realise that we are abiding by important road safety rules thanks to the presence of road signs. Without these, travelling from point A to B would be nothing short of chaotic.

Drivers and cyclists especially rely on line marking paint as it assists in efficiently showing them where to turn or when to overtake and effectively separates the road for different types of vehicles like buses. Road markings are also essential in areas that experience foot traffic. Pedestrian or zebra crossings ensure that cars are well aware of, and prepared for, people crossing the road.

However, while necessary, these markings are subjected to an immense amount of wear and tear not only from these pedestrians and vehicles but the weather as well. This could be in the form of the hot blazing sun and even hail or snow in some regions of the country. This is why it is essential that any road paint used to be of the highest quality. It also needs to be durable and long lasting. Traffic West System can provide all of this and more with our comprehensive range of line marking paint options

Waterborne road marking paint

As one of the country’s leading road line marking paint suppliers, we pride ourselves on providing products of exceptional quality and reliable functionality. To do this, we know that we need to offer our clients tried and trusted brands, which why we are a proud supplier of Waterborne road marking paint

There are many reasons why this product is the ideal solution for all your line marking painting needs, not least of which is that it meets the requirements of RTA Specification 3356, AS/NZS 4049.3:1996 and GPC-P-41/5. This is, however, just one of the reasons that it is preferred and used by contractors and road authorities.

Waterborne paint is also environmentally conscious because of its lead-free formulation, solvent-free cleanup and lack of ozone-depleting emissions. This is especially important as the world is becoming more and more cognizant of the damage that chemicals can do to the environment.

This product is also the perfect fit for our ever-evolving fast-paced world as it is fast drying. This means that road markings can be painted and dried quickly resulting in a shorter disruption period on our roads.

Waterborne paint is a ready-to-use single-component road marking paint suitable for application on bituminous-, or asphalt-, surfaces and concrete pavements. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colours and quantities for added convenience.

Have a look at our range of line marking paint and their various applications.

Waterborne runway paint

Airports can be busy places, and not just for passengers. The planes themselves need to be well aware of where they need to be at all times, which is why aviation professionals rely so heavily on airport line marking.

Safety is key at airports and so is efficiency. Waterborne runway paint has been specifically formulated to self-clean at a controlled rate through climate erosion. This, in turn, means that it will retain its colour and visibility to promote airport safety.

Temporary line marking paint

Some things aren’t supposed to last forever, as is the case with some road marking requirements. Certain situations require road marking for only a limited time. Our temporary line marking systems provide the perfect solution.

It is a two-coat waterborne paint system that involves the application of a coloured base coat followed by a top coat. This will ensure that the road markings are highly visible. To remove the paint, merely apply high-pressure hot water blasting to the area. This will remove the system but will result in little to no damage to the road beneath it.

Waterborne primer/sealer

We know that all roads are not the same and because of this, road paint might not be able to adhere to certain surfaces easily. This product can act as a primer to help foster this adhesion. It is fast drying allowing the road paint to be applied within a few minutes of priming the area.

The product can also act as a sealer to be used after a waterborne paint has been applied. This will make the painted surface even more resistant to dust and dirt. This could be especially useful in dusty environments of course or where the road markings are undercover and therefore not exposed to the cleaning capabilities of the weather.

Masking Paste

Depending on the instructions that the road sign is supposed to convey, a stencil may need to be used. This is especially evident in car parks or to show which lane has been designated for bicycles or buses.

Road masking paste is used to coat these stencils before they are used in conjunction with waterborne paints. Because it does not form a completely dry film, it can be quickly and easily cleaned to be used for the next marking. The paste is also used to protect application equipment from overspray or spills.

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