Road surfacing for safer anti-skid surfacing on crossings and roads  that provides councils with proven assurances of safety, longevity and outdoor durability


Tyregrip is an anti skid surface treatment that proudly maintains a worldwide, 30-year crash reduction performance record. It significantly reduces accidents occurring in wet weather by up to 57%. The Tyregrip system alerts drivers to traffic changes, enhances traffic calming efforts and its skid resistant properties prevent crashes and save lives.

The benefits of Tyregrip includes proven crash reduction on sharp ramps, high-risk curves, bridge decks and intersection approaches. Its increased skid resistance is up to 40%, while adhesion to asphalt, concrete and other substrates has a proven 30-year track record.

Typregrip bauxite friction aggregate surface makes it the ultimate solution for increasing skid resistance on dangerous ramps, horizontal curves, bridge decks and intersection approaches. Specially formulated, Tyregrip is a two-part epoxy binder that is topped with calcinated bauxite for excellent durability and skid resistance in both wet and dry weather. The high friction surfacing of Tyregrip provides a textured finish that promotes shorter stopping distances.


Cyclegrip is a high-friction coloured road surfacing treatment that provides added safety to cyclists through lane demarcation. It is a perfect solution that uses striking colour to alert drivers to the presence of cyclists while providing an anti-skid surface that ensures a smooth ride through the use of smaller aggregate.


Chromagrip is a high-friction colour surfacing lane demarcation system used in reducing the volume of skidding accidents. Its striking colour and skid resistance makes it the perfect solution for toll lanes, bus lanes and other applications where traffic calming is an objective

Anti-Skid Product Specification (110 KB)

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