Retro Post, the versatility of our patented flexible hinge technology has allowed the revolutionary creation of a comprehensive refined product selection the RPS Retro-Post® Range for “In-ground” & “surface mounted” applications * This product is a complete, solid ‘high grade’rubber post, nominal 60mm OD, with fully integrated Flexi-Tuff® hinge recovery technology, currently 1220mm & 1550mm in length, these are used to “replace” standard 50NB galvanised steel pipe, most commonly used for urban road traffic control signage.

  • The use of the Retro-Posts® has enabled Road Authorities to overcome the continual replacement of keep left signage posts in high recurring post damage locations, such as traffic islands.
  • Use of Retro-Posts can offer substantial savings in labour & parts, reducing the continuous replacement of traditional steel post components & hardware.
  • Added safety benefit of the sign post is always being visible, as it will “self-recover” even after multiple vehicle impacts.
  • There is significantly less damage to the impacting vehicle.
  • Significantly safer to motorcyclists & normal cyclists due to softer impact.
  • Road signs can be directly mounted to the Retro-Post using tamper proof fixings, therefore eliminating sign bracket furniture costs.
  • Existing sign brackets can still be used if desired.
  • In-ground fixing of the posts in position can be achieved using the existing galvanised steel socket. Vandal proof screws will secure the post using the predrilled holes in the exposed steel socket above the ground.
  • For improved “street scape aesthetics” the Retro-Post® Surface Mount is specially designed to accommodate the exposed section of the steel socket above the ground ( up to 62mm), if this method is chosen.

We highly recommend the use of Flexible Poly Signage with the improved “Sign Profile Design” eliminating the bottom of sign “catch areas”.

These signs are resilient on impact & importantly, being more “motorcycle friendly”.