Our fully “recoverable” Work-zone Bollards, are made from a propriety blended polymer to give a flexible, high impact body with a durable weather resistant finish with a White, Class 1 Delineator band.

The Work-Zone Bollard stands 1100mm high and is 100mm in diameter, ensuring the reflective area is fully compliant with AS1742.3 At the base of each support leg is our Patented “FLEXI-TUFF®” rectangular Hinge . This is what gives our product it’s unique ability to fully recover to the upright position after a collision when Work-zone Bollards are installed correctly.

Fitted with our Heavy Duty design Surface mounts bollards can be direct fixed or bonded with Butyl Pads, hot melt bitumen or epoxy adhesive.


  • Medium to long term roadworks
  • Lane delineation and channelizing
  • High impact worksites (Freeways, highways and rural roads)