Road safety is essential in our everyday lives. Even if you’re not a driver, you still need to be aware and cognizant of road signs and what they represent. However, it is critical that these signs are not only visible but are also administered with high-quality and durable material. Traffic West Systems can provide all of this and so much more with our cold applied plastic traffic marking materials.

Our exceptional and reliable products will not only go the distance, but due to their formulation, they also create an unbreakable bond between themselves and the substrate or surface. These products can also offer excellent retroreflectivity if needed.

Have a look at the different types of cold applied plastic line marking products that we offer here at Traffic West Systems:

Cold applied plastic line marking products


This is the standard or benchmark for slow cure epoxy pavement marking materials. This is because it provides durable, long line delineation with exceptional adhesion to concrete and asphalt.

It consists of a 100% solids two-part system that is applied as a two to one mixture by volume. The product also provides excellent value for money as an application thickness of 20ml provide two to three times the longevity when compared to paint applied at a similar depth.


If you’re in the market for fast cure epoxy pavement marking materials, HPS®3 is the ideal solution. It offers these same advantages of HPS®2 and will provide an improved epoxy marking production to cater to your requirements.


HPS®4 modified urethane is versatile, durable and specially formulated to help increase roadway safety through durability, high levels of retroreflectivity, and rapid cure speeds.

It also offers a more efficient method of application as it can be applied using current generation epoxy application equipment. This, in turn, eliminates the need for using equipment dedicated to one striping material.

Its durability is showcased through its superior weathering and abrasion resistance. It has a wide application temperature range that can extend the striping season in many states. Its flexibility is proven through the fact that it can withstand the freeze- and thaw cycles that are prevalent in roadway substrates. In addition, it is a 100% solids two-part system that is applied as a two to one mixture by volume.


Pedestrians are, of course, also required and encouraged to understand and adhere to road safety rules. Durable cold applied plastic pavement marking material is essential to assist pedestrians, which is where HPS®5 comes in.

HPS®5 is specially formulated as polyurea plural component t for long-term delineation on virtually any roadway surface. Also, it is a 100% solids system that is not environmentally hazardous. However, HPS®5 offers so much more.

It can also be quickly cured at any temperature offering rapid line marking capabilities. In addition, it has superior reflectivity and durability. It can last for up to five years before any maintenance restriping is required.


MMA is the most durable pavement marking material available anywhere today and HPS®6 is based on its technology. It can be screed applied, profiled, extruded, and sprayed at various film thicknesses ranging from 10 to 500ml.

Because of this versatility, it can be surface applied onto asphalt or concrete roadways. It can also be inlaid for longer service life and is engineered for durable, long line, as well as, transverse markings.

In addition, it is resistant to snow plough damage, and when the proper glass beads are used, it can provide long life retroreflectivity. Based on this, HPS®6 can be even be used in extreme weather conditions.


HPS®7 Structured also uses MMA technology. It is a traffic marking system that is designed for application via a splatter pattern technique.

When applied over a new or bare pavement surface, the structured line creates a solid line effect when viewed by the driver. The design also produces enhanced wet night retroreflectivity by allowing water to flow off its peaks and valleys.

Similar to HPS®6, this system is also snow plough-resistant and can be both surfaces applied or inlaid for longer service life.

Ennis cold applied plastic products

As one of the leading thermoplastic suppliers in Australia, we use only the most reliable brands. Ennis cold applied plastic products offer peace of mind as they are environmentally friendly and are made with user safe materials. Ennis Roadplast products are manufactured with high-quality compounds such as methyl methacrylate (MMA) acrylic polymers, making them extremely durable.

Because of this reliability, Roadplast can be used in a number of applications including for the demarcation of bus lanes and cycleways, line marking, in car parks and pedestrian areas. They are also used for highlighting road signs in areas such as school zones, T-ways and E-ways. Not only is Roadplast versatile but it also comes in a range of grades and colours to suit your business needs.

These cold applied plastic products include:

* Roadplast Trowel/Screed

* Roadplast Roll On * Road grip

* Roadplast Spray

* Roadplast Primer P1

* BPO Hardener Powder/Dibenzoyl Peroxide

If you have any questions about our products or require additional information related to our cold applied plastic MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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