For bicycle lane delineation, traffic routing and pavement marking

Traditionally, linemarkings have been the most common means of delineating cycle lanes. Their low cost per metre ensures they are the primary choice of designers and asset managers.

Unfortunately, in standard form, the longitudinal separation lines, are easily confused with other lines on the carriageway. They are required to be used in conjunction with other pavement markings and signage, to reinforce the lane delineation.

Modern manufacturing systems mean that coloured signage, in the same style as Australian Standard signs, can be produced for the pavement surface (give way, warning, etc). These pavement markings can be produced in long life thermoplastic materials. Preform thermoplastic symbols are computer cut and easy to install.

Conventional linemarkings, used in conjunction with coloured surface treatments and pavement signage, provide durable effective cycle lane delineation.