Waterborne Roadmarking Paint

Traffic Systems West supply a Waterborne Roadmarking Paint formulated to meet the requirements of RTA Specification 3356, AS/NZS 4049.3:1996 and GPC-P-41/5. It is used extensively by contractors and road authorities.

In our environmentally sensitive times, this Waterborne Roadmarking Paint is ideal to use because of its lead-free formulation, solvent-free clean up and lack of ozone-depleting emissions.

Its fast drying time also minimizes coning and traffic disruption and thus increases public safety. It is a ready-to-use single-component waterborne roadmarking paint suitable for applying on bituminous and concrete pavements.

It is available in a range of colours and quantities.

Waterborne Runway Paint

Waterborne Runway Paint is recommended for line marking on busy airport runways. With aircraft safety in mind, it has been formulated to self-clean at a controlled rate through climate erosion so that it retains its colour and visibility.

It is available in a range of colours and quantities.

Temporary Linemarking Paint

Certain situations require roadmarking for only a limited time. Traffic Systems West supply a Temporary Linemarking System ideal for such applications. It is a two-coat waterborne paint system that involves the application of a coloured base coat followed by a top coat.

High pressure hot water blasting is all that is required to remove the Temporary Linemarking System with little or no damage to the road surface beneath it.


The Waterborne Primer / Sealer was developed for use on surfaces on which Waterborne Paints may have difficulty in maintaining adhesion. It is a fast drying product which can be over coated within a few minutes.

The Waterborne Primer / Sealer may also be used to seal Waterborne Paints to improve the dust and dirt resistant properties of the marking. This is especially useful in dusty environments or where the markings are undercover and not exposed to the cleaning actions of the weather.

Masking Paste

Masking Paste is used to coat stencils for spraying symbols onto roads or carparks with Waterborne Paints. Masking Paste does not form a completely dry film and this makes cleaning of the stencils an easy operation. It is also used to protect application equipment from over spray or spills.