Eco-Flex the “budget- price” option”. This simple 1 piece guide post is typically used for low risk impact locations.

  • Although it is a single piece UPVC post, the raw material is still a white premium grade, high impact, UV stabilised, fire retardant formulation which does not support combustion.
  • The same extruded profile of 4mm wall thickness has 2 longitudinal raised ribs, offering both extra vertical stiffness & protection for the delineator during impact.
  • Eco-Flex has one end cropped with a spike point & has a punched inverted tang to resist withdrawal from the ground during impact.
  • It also comes complete with red & white delineators compliant to Class 1A, 10,000 Sq. mm surface area requirements.
  • Installation is normally carried out using a mechanical auger (or spade) to make a hole, where the post is buried with the removed media and re-compacted to form a stable secure post foundation.