Roadline Removal WA has recently completed a program of works for Perth Airport, as part of their maintenance and construction program.

Within the night time curfews of June and July, 15,000sqm of the main runway was cleaned of excessive rubber build-up. Utilising the Waterblasting Technologies Stripe hog unit, fitted with fine.007thou jets and a modest water pressure of 24,000psi, the rubber was lifted from the pavement surface. The vacuum recovery system ensured all waste material was recovered as part of the process, and the runway was clear for operations by 4.30am every morning. With the rubber removed, the friction values for the pavement within the touchdown zones have been brought back to acceptable levels.

On completion of the new apron construction adjoining the Domestic Terminal, a program of paint removal was initiated, to remove the obsolete taxiway and apron markings. A mixture of day and night shifts, saw Roadline Removal remove all obsolete markings from asphalt and concrete pavements. Given the large number of changes to the lead lines during construction, it was important to remove the confusing, blacked out markings. Pilots and airport technicians now have clear guidance for aircraft movements.