Maxi-Flex®, a fully tried & tested flexible guide post option used in high risk impact locations.

  • The major difference between the two flexible rubber hinge guide posts is the body profile of Maxi-Flex® post which is a superior designed “C” profile UPVC extrusion.
  • The UPVC material is a white premium grade, high impact, UV stabilised, fire retardant formulation which does not support combustion.
  • The extruded profile of 4mm wall thickness has 2 longitudinal raised ribs, offering both extra vertical stiffness & protection for the delineator during impact.
  • The red & white delineators comply with Class 1A, 10,000 Sq. mm surface area requirements.
  • The unique RPS patented “Flexi-Tuff®” rubber hinge technology offers excellent flex & recovery characteristics, being capability to fully recover “time after time” after repeated impacts, even after complete wheel over’s
  • The high grade black Flexi-Tuff® rubber hinge has excellent UV stability, long life & is fire-retardant.
  • Finally , the large surface area galvanised steel spike offers extreme ground fixing strength with stability & is the final link to the 3 major element guide post,
  • All parts are fully assembled with secure vandal proof fasteners, offering a one piece item ready for use. Now ready for installation, the Maxi-Flex® guide post is fast & simple to install with a jack hammer & special re-useable driver tool attachment, it takes less than 1 minute & it’s ready to do the job.

NOTE:- Alternative colour posts & alternative delineation is also possible, eg snow zones, work zone, fire plugs, hazard warnings & printed text etc.