Bicycle kerb is a device to enhance delineation of cycle lanes, providing a physical separation between cyclist and motorist. It can come in a number of forms, however the specifically designed ‘Bicycle Kerb’ is the best suited to purpose.


  • 1.2m long with transition at each end.
  • Rumble device in the vehicle lane to alert drivers they are crossing into a cycle lane
  • Yellow recycled rubber with built in reflectors
  • Can be placed with 100mm gaps to allow for water to flow through
  • A typical installation could be 1.2m of Bicycle Kerb with a 1m gap to allow cyclists to enter and exit the cycle lane
  • The cycle lane edge of the kerb has a shallow ramped face as low as 3mm to provide minimal impact to the cyclist
  • Offers protection for cyclists
  • Contours to road surface and curves

Ideally suited to

  • Squeeze points at intersections and roundabouts
  • School zones – entry and exit points for cyclists
  • Approaches to pedestrian crossings, particularly around school zones
  • Locations where the pavement size increases or decreases
  • On cycle paths at intersections to alert cyclists they are approaching a hazard