Flush SealsEfficient Rejuvenation by Water blasting.

Water Blasting

Is your sealed airfield or access road, suffering from flush or bleeding asphalt? Water blasting may offer an economic solution to increasing the service life of your pavement and reinstating the desired surface texture.

In October 2014, Roadline Removal WA treated 9000m2 of flush seal on a typical Pilbara minesite aerodrome. During three consecutive night shifts, the flushed areas of the wheel path on the runway, taxiway and turning nodes, were rejuvenated. The treatment, removing the excess binder and reinstating the desired surface texture.

Fig3. Intersection before treatment

Fig 4. Intersection with texture reinstated.

Water blasting or jetting, is the use of high pressure water (approx. 22,000psi) through a series of ultra-fine nozzles, to remove excessive bitumen binder from the pavement surface. Roadline Removal are able to adjust pressures, nozzle sizes and rate of travel, to finely adjust the amount of binder removed. This is critical in ensuring that the seal aggregate is still retained securely in the base binder.

The Roadline Removal system, incorporates a vacuum recovery of the waste and debris, which is integral to the removal process. The vacuumed debris is deposited into a holding tank on the rear of the plant, for disposal at an approved site.

Fig 5. Surface preparation concrete wharf, Bunbury

Whilst the process is highly adjustable and tailored to each site and condition, the only limitation on the effectiveness of the treatment, is high pavement temperatures. Typically, the lower the pavement temperature, the better it is for effective treatment.

Roadline Removal water blasting systems are effective for:

  • Rejuvenation of flush seals
  • Runway rubber removal
  • Apron jetseal removal
  • Linemarking removal
  • Cleaning and surface preparation of all asphalt and concrete pavements

Totally self-contained system using potable water, with no chemicals or additives, and full vacuum recovery of waste and debris.

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