Are paint spills and burnouts by hoons creating an unsightly mess on your community roads?


Using a specialised process of ultra high pressure water blast, free from chemicals and abrasives, our Roadline Removal Service can clean your pavements. With the added benefit of an environmentally friendly vacuum recovery process, all waste and debris is removed at the same time.

This quick efficient system will return your road surface to an even, clean finish. It will also re-establish a compliant surface texture, ensuring the pavement complies with the required friction standards.


Paint spill removal, lane by lane.

paint spill 6

Minimum disruption to traffic.


1000L paint spill rectified in 2 nights.

Most paint spills and hoon behaviour are reported or captured on CCTV these days. This allows the asset owner the opportunity to recover costs from either the insurer or the offender.

Speak to Roadline Removal about how your road network can be kept looking clean and functional.