COUNCIL: City of Stirling

AUTHORITY: Main Roads Western Australia

LOCATION: Beaufort Street/Central Avenue

SUPPLY CONTRACTOR: Traffic Calming Australia

INSTALL CONTRACTOR: Traffic Systems West

As part of the Beaufort Street upgrade Beautification Project, the city of Stirling approached Traffic Calming Australia, for a product for their median dilemma. Traffic Calming Australia recommended their “Separation Kerb” bollard system which is not only aesthetically pleasing product, it restricts the means to “U” turn and right turn. As the approach to the intersection has minimal space due to an upgraded designated “Peak hour” bus lane, this was at the fore front of the Council’s mind, when it made it’s recommendation to Main Roads for approval. This modular system allows the asset owner to adjust its configuration. If maintenance is required to replace a bollard or section it can be completed with little fuss or street closure… Certainly, a WIN for all stakeholders concerned.

C.O.S. Sep Kerb Beaufort St 5. (360x640) C.O.S. Sep Kerb Beaufort St 4. (360x640) C.O.S. Sep Kerb Beaufort St 2. (360x640)