Bicycle Safety System

Cycle lanes, coloured surfacing, lane markings, bicycle kerbs, etc.

The Australian Bicycle Council and Austroads guidelines describe a range of systems to delineate Bicycle Lanes and dual-use pathways. Traffic Systems West are the leading supplier of engineered bicycle safety systems, all compliant with Austroads Guidelines and Main Roads WA specifications.

Coloured Surfacing

Cold Applied Plastic surface coatings offer high impact bicycle lane delineation, particularly suited to areas of high concentration of motor vehicles and cyclists. These highly durable surface coatings are ideal in heavy wear areas, like signalised intersections.

bikeway 2013 007

The combination of a cold applied plastic binder and a calcined bauxite aggregate, produces a high friction surface that is fully compliant with Main Roads WA specifications for pavements and roadways. These resin systems are available in a range of Australian Standard colours to ensure uniformity across the network.

Bicycle Kerb

Bicycle kerbs are a specifically designed, low profile barrier, to accentuate the lane delineation between motor vehicles and cyclists. In areas of high vehicle concentration (intersections), points of restriction (bends and curves), and adjoining high speed roads, it is often not sufficient to rely on linemarkings for delineation.

Riley Kerb 2

The low profile kerb is not sufficient to cause a hazard to cyclists, however the protrusions on the vehicle side provide an audible warning to motorists if they drift onto the line. They are easily installed with masonry fixings to the pavement surface.

Riley kerb 1

Paint spills and road cleaning

Are paint spills and burnouts by hoons creating an unsightly mess on your community roads?


Using a specialised process of ultra high pressure water blast, free from chemicals and abrasives, our Roadline Removal Service can clean your pavements. With the added benefit of an environmentally friendly vacuum recovery process, all waste and debris is removed at the same time.

This quick efficient system will return your road surface to an even, clean finish. It will also re-establish a compliant surface texture, ensuring the pavement complies with the required friction standards.


Paint spill removal, lane by lane.

paint spill 6

Minimum disruption to traffic.


1000L paint spill rectified in 2 nights.

Most paint spills and hoon behaviour are reported or captured on CCTV these days. This allows the asset owner the opportunity to recover costs from either the insurer or the offender.

Speak to Roadline Removal about how your road network can be kept looking clean and functional.


Every Post A Winner

Traffic Systems West are very pleased to announce that after an exhaustive testing program.

Our exclusive Omni-Flex Guide Post has been approved for use on the entire Main Roads W.A. road network. The unique RPS patented “Flexi-Tuff” rubber hinge technology offers excellent flex and recovery characteristics, capable of recovering (click test video link below) time after time from repeated impacts. The post top is moulded from tough, high impact, UV stable, mould resistant, fire retardant, Premium grade HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene).

“Omni-Flex” Guide Posts also feature” Post inner support ribs” for optimum strength and “anti-droop” qualities-post top will withstand “middle of vehicle” hits and wheel runovers at 100kph.

‘’Omni-Flex’’ Premium Guide Post  is available with a range of mounting solutions including Heavy Duty glass filled nylon Surface Mount and Drivable Galvanised Spike in ground applications.

Traffic Systems West is proud to be the exclusive provider of “Omni-Flex” a new generation Guide Post helping to keep West Australian roads and lives safe.

Omni-Flex Test Videos:

High speed impact test:

Retro Post testing – Semi trailer wheel run over test:

Water Blasting Services for Pavement Rejuvenation and Road Line Removal

Flush SealsEfficient Rejuvenation by Water blasting.

Water Blasting

Is your sealed airfield or access road, suffering from flush or bleeding asphalt? Water blasting may offer an economic solution to increasing the service life of your pavement and reinstating the desired surface texture.

In October 2014, Roadline Removal WA treated 9000m2 of flush seal on a typical Pilbara minesite aerodrome. During three consecutive night shifts, the flushed areas of the wheel path on the runway, taxiway and turning nodes, were rejuvenated. The treatment, removing the excess binder and reinstating the desired surface texture.

Fig3. Intersection before treatment

Fig 4. Intersection with texture reinstated.

Water blasting or jetting, is the use of high pressure water (approx. 22,000psi) through a series of ultra-fine nozzles, to remove excessive bitumen binder from the pavement surface. Roadline Removal are able to adjust pressures, nozzle sizes and rate of travel, to finely adjust the amount of binder removed. This is critical in ensuring that the seal aggregate is still retained securely in the base binder.

The Roadline Removal system, incorporates a vacuum recovery of the waste and debris, which is integral to the removal process. The vacuumed debris is deposited into a holding tank on the rear of the plant, for disposal at an approved site.

Fig 5. Surface preparation concrete wharf, Bunbury

Whilst the process is highly adjustable and tailored to each site and condition, the only limitation on the effectiveness of the treatment, is high pavement temperatures. Typically, the lower the pavement temperature, the better it is for effective treatment.

Roadline Removal water blasting systems are effective for:

  • Rejuvenation of flush seals
  • Runway rubber removal
  • Apron jetseal removal
  • Linemarking removal
  • Cleaning and surface preparation of all asphalt and concrete pavements

Totally self-contained system using potable water, with no chemicals or additives, and full vacuum recovery of waste and debris.



Median Treatment Solution (Separation Kerb)

COUNCIL: City of Stirling

AUTHORITY: Main Roads Western Australia

LOCATION: Beaufort Street/Central Avenue

SUPPLY CONTRACTOR: Traffic Calming Australia

INSTALL CONTRACTOR: Traffic Systems West

As part of the Beaufort Street upgrade Beautification Project, the city of Stirling approached Traffic Calming Australia, for a product for their median dilemma. Traffic Calming Australia recommended their “Separation Kerb” bollard system which is not only aesthetically pleasing product, it restricts the means to “U” turn and right turn. As the approach to the intersection has minimal space due to an upgraded designated “Peak hour” bus lane, this was at the fore front of the Council’s mind, when it made it’s recommendation to Main Roads for approval. This modular system allows the asset owner to adjust its configuration. If maintenance is required to replace a bollard or section it can be completed with little fuss or street closure… Certainly, a WIN for all stakeholders concerned.

C.O.S. Sep Kerb Beaufort St 5. (360x640) C.O.S. Sep Kerb Beaufort St 4. (360x640) C.O.S. Sep Kerb Beaufort St 2. (360x640)


Principal Shared Path Project





With the final construction phase of Stage 1 now complete, our client and project contractor, Peel Line Marking Services, were engaged to complete their potion of site works. The scope included all painted line work and associated pavement markings for the 850m new section of dual use path.

Our friends at Peel Line Marking Services approach us asking for a Cold Applied Plastic product suitable for a number of required pavement markings on site. The ENNIS Roadplast Roll On product, was the perfect solution and satisfies all the criteria, of the Mainroads WA relevant standard.

This two coat roll on system not only offers a UV stable, long life and highly visible marking, but a non- slip finish, with the application of a small aggregate between coats, imperative for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The ENNIS Roadplast Roll On – Two Coat system proved to be a versatile method for the installer and a successful outcome for the project and end users alike.

Bassendean DUP 1st coat with agg Bassendean DUP Give Way complete

Bassendean DUP T Junc 1st coat Bassendean DUP T Junc complete