Cycle lanes, coloured surfacing, lane markings, bicycle kerbs, etc.

The Australian Bicycle Council and Austroads guidelines describe a range of systems to delineate Bicycle Lanes and dual-use pathways. Traffic Systems West are the leading supplier of engineered bicycle safety systems, all compliant with Austroads Guidelines and Main Roads WA specifications.

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Coloured Surfacing

Cold Applied Plastic surface coatings offer high impact bicycle lane delineation, particularly suited to areas of high concentration of motor vehicles and cyclists. These highly durable surface coatings are ideal in heavy wear areas, like signalised intersections.

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The combination of a cold applied plastic binder and a calcined bauxite aggregate, produces a high friction surface that is fully compliant with Main Roads WA specifications for pavements and roadways. These resin systems are available in a range of Australian Standard colours to ensure uniformity across the network.

Bicycle Kerb

Bicycle kerbs are a specifically designed, low profile barrier, to accentuate the lane delineation between motor vehicles and cyclists. In areas of high vehicle concentration (intersections), points of restriction (bends and curves), and adjoining high speed roads, it is often not sufficient to rely on linemarkings for delineation.

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The low profile kerb is not sufficient to cause a hazard to cyclists, however the protrusions on the vehicle side provide an audible warning to motorists if they drift onto the line. They are easily installed with masonry fixings to the pavement surface.

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